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Top 5 Wedding Fears Revealed!

Top 5 Wedding Fears Revealed!

After interviewing hundreds of upcoming brides-to-be, author of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days, Laura Pepper has discovered the top 5 fears that bride’s often have when it comes to the topic of their wedding day.

No matter how early the planning begins, it seems a bride’s work is never done. As stress builds from searching for the flowers to the invitations, the registry to the caterer, it’s easy for even the most optimistic bride to begin feeling mentally and physically exhausted. After experiencing her own stressful wedding and talking to other brides, Laura compiled a list of the top 5 concerns that many brides experience, read her findings below:

5.)    Being stressed out and unable to enjoy the big day:

Much like the hostess that can’t enjoy her own party, some brides are worrying that on the day she will be so caught up trying to please everyone and worrying about the details, that she won’t have time to reflect on the importance and magic of the day.

4.)    Feeling ill:

The immune system is compromised during times of stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. It is no surprise to learn then that brides and grooms who have been non-stop during the engagement process, on top of their regular schedules, are prone to catch a cold or flu before or just after the wedding day.

3.) Under-eye circles:

Despite what most people think, under eye circles are not always related to a lack of sleep. They are highly hereditary, and become more common with age when the skin around the eye gets thinner. Sun exposure can also exasperate dark circles, as can allergies. However, being tired and exhausted can make you appear a shade paler, and this will make dark circles stand out. Brides wanted to know how, through diet, lifestyle and makeup, dark circles could be eliminated from their wedding day pictures.


2.) A big red zit:

It’s well known that zits can arise from a lack of sleep and too much stress. In fact the skin is one of the first places to display stress – the body moves circulation away from the skin to support the heart and muscle tissues, and this affects nutrient delivery and the overall complexion. Toxin flushing, digestion and hydration are all compromised, and this in turn becomes apparent on the skin.

1.)    Not fitting into the dress:

The wedding dress is perhaps the most symbolic physical item of the brides day, and therefore no surprise that so many brides were concerned with fitting into it! Surveyed brides reported that the exhausting nature of wedding planning makes it a challenge to stay trim though – ordering take-out is easy when there is no time to cook, exercise is on the back burner at the end of an exhausting and jam-packed day, and comfort eating creeps up in times of stress. Learning how to eat right, minimize comfort eating, and find an achievable workout program is essential in order to calm bride-to-be’s fear of out growing her dress.

The last thing we want any of our brides to feel is stress, especially because of the negative effects it can have on your health, mental vitality, and appearance. We hope that here at Your Dream Dress we can make your lives a little simpler by providing you with excellent customer service and gowns that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous on your big day!

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